Types Of Industrial Valves

If you though that industrial valves are limited only to industries that used oil or water, you are wrong. These valves are now being used in almost every kind of industry where there is a need to control the movement and direction of fluids, gases and well as semi-solids. Valves can help in controlling all these materials and also ensure that only a set quantity of these materials are used in all applications. For industries that depend heavily on the quantity of the products used, this is one thing that cannot be overlooked. Some of the most common types of valves used in industries are- butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, air valves and swing check valves. Below, we will be discussing about these valves and how they are useful in industrial applications.

? Ball valves

These are the most common types of valves used in industrial applications. These valves are basically spherical units that are placed in the path of the liquid inside the pipe. These days, two way valves are used more in order to check the liquid more efficiently. Three way valves are also used in some industries but their use in not as common as two way valves. In either case, the valve will provide only a single pathway for the liquid to flow. They can be high pressure types, steel types and stainless steel types as well.

? Gate valves

These valves are needed in industries where the flow of fluids is not very heavy. Gate valves are considered to be perfect for all applications where the flow needs to be stopped immediately or where high purity substances are being used. The gate valves get their name because of their gate like flanged appearance that are sometimes customer made in order to fit into the pipelines where they are being used. These valves are most commonly made of gun metal and stainless steel. However, cast carbon steel and cast iron varieties are also available.

? Globe valves

These valves are mostly used in industries that need more fluid movement control precision. They handle the flow better than most other varieties of valves because of which they are used in industries that very quantity specific.

Thee three kinds of valves are used in different conditions and usually do not work as replacements for each other. There are forged steel pipe fittings and swing check valves as well. Choose the variety that fits your needs more aptly.



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